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About Us

Why horses?

We believe that horses are fantastic teachers. Through horse care and riding we can learn how to be aware of another's needs and feelings, be resilient to set backs, respond to feedback, control our emotions and a whole host of other benefits. Our experienced team guide our volunteers and riders to enable them to interact with the horses in a calm, kind and confident manner. Some of the young people we support are learning these interpersonal skills for the first time and, with practice, can apply them to their wider lives. 


Our Mission

What We Believe In

We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to participate in activities that enrich their lives, expose them to managed risk and help them to grow in confidence. For many young people horses hold huge appeal and through exploring their passion they can gain skills that will help them as they transition into adulthood. Many young people who learn at Stepney go on to have careers with horses but, for those who don't, they've still gained valuable skills and experience which can be transferred to other settings. 

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